Clean Yo Brushes

Brush cleaning…so important yet so overlooked! It’s important to clean your brushes to avoid swiping bacteria & product buildup all over your face and to help lengthen the lives of your brushes. I try to do mine once a week, particularly my foundation brushes, but depending on how often you’re using your brushes you may be able to wait a little longer in between. I do it at night so that my brushes have lots of time overnight to dry & be ready for me in the morning.

There are TONS of brush cleansers out there as well as a method I show you in my latest video which is a combination of about 2/3 dish soap to 1/3 olive oil. An antibacterial dish soap is going to clean your brushes well and disinfect them and the olive oil will help to condition them & give back what the soap may be stripping away – don’t use too much oil though or there will be a residue on your bristles! Check out my video below for a demonstration & more chatter.

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