Sunday Skin Care

Sundays have always given me a slight amount of anxiety. I think it’s the leftovers from years of being a last minute student that still leaves me feeling like there’s something I’ve forgotten to do when dusk is setting in on Sunday evenings. To combat that in post-grad life I have taken to giving myself at home facials on Sunday nights. I follow steps as laid out by Lauren Conrad on her website (I will do anything she tells me to).


To start off I take off my makeup and cleanse in one step with my fancy shmancy MAC Cleanse Off Oil. This stuff is MAGIC! It’s as simple as taking a couple pumps of product into your hands and working it onto your dry skin, makeup and all. I take my time, using circular motions all over my face and eyes and then use lukewarm water to rinse it off. The makeup pretty much melts off your face, leaving the skin clean and free of makeup. I don’t use any cloths or electronic devices to remove my makeup these days and I think it has really helped calm my skin. It’s sick but I love opening my eyes while rinsing and seeing all that dirty water go down the drain. Such an effective product that I am absolutely loving!

Next step is exfoliation. I used to exfoliate on a fairly regular basis, thinking it was supposed to help my angry, irritated skin, and eventually I had the realization that I should probably be gentle instead. That has worked much better for my skin but it is still good to exfoliate every so often to remove dead skin cells to reveal brighter, younger and more healthy looking skin. Tonight I used this sample of Vasanti’s Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Rejuvinator. It smells so fresh and has the tiniest micro-crystals that gently slosh off all that yucky old dead skin.

Face masks are supposed to be a calming, relaxing experience, right? Well, there is something in the Freeman masks that make my eyes water and cry like crazy. This was my second attempt at using this mask with the thought that maybe the first time something else was the culprit but NOPE. I cried like a wee baby for a couple minutes before prematurely taking this mask off. It sounds quite lovely though, being chocolate & strawberry and meant for dry skin. Total bummer. I have had the same issue with their stress relief mask. Anyone else have this problem?

We have finally reached the end of our journey, moisturizing. This has to be one of my favorite beauty steps. Before applying my moisturizer tonight I dabbed The Body Shop’s Tea Tree oil on the few spots that have popped up on my face. Tea tree oil is good for blemishes and I definitely see a difference when I apply it directly to spots at night before bed. For night cream I have been using Eucerin’s Redness Relief Soothing Night Creme. I will put anything Eucerin makes onto my skin, I just trust what they make because it always works so well. This green tinted moisturizer is meant to counteract redness. I am not sure how effective it actually is at that but I do think it is a great night cream, very rich but not greasy. Finally I used Bobbi Brown’s Extra Repair eye cream on my under eye and lid. This stuff is AMAZING! I have circles and generally creasy, dry under eyes so I decided to give this eye cream a whirl after hearing a million great things and the hype is real. I purchased a sample off Amazon and will likely hand over all my money to Ms. Brown when this little pot runs dry because it’s that good. It feels wrong spending so much on a cream but I have been using this little pot for about a week now and have barely made a dent. It’s an investment, right?

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