Expensive Lipstick & Baby Braids

I was recently on vacation & was mostly disconnected from the world so when I came home to my beautiful Lorde MAC lipstick I almost passed out. This lipstick is beyond gorgeous – I threw it on as a bit of a stain during the day on a Saturday & built it throughout the day into the evening & it was beautiful at all times. It is an Amplified finish so it is not as drying or uncomfortable on the lips. I didn’t wear a lip liner with it and think it would be wise in the future to do so because it wore off even after blotting and really pushing it into my lips. I wore it with the rest of my makeup pared down to allow the lip color to shine.


Miss Glamorazzi put up a video in the last week with a summer hair & makeup look and I was totally inspired by her to do my hair in milkmaid braids. I thought that because my hair is a little longer than shoulder length that I couldn’t pull off the look but Ingrid’s hair is about the same length as mine & after seeing how cute hers looked, I had to give it a shot. I parted my hair down the middle, braided one side and pulled it over my head more towards the back and pinned it, then braided the other side and repeated the steps. I used a handful of bobby pins and the style lasted without a problem all day. Because I pinned it further back rather than close to my forehead I was able to get away with some messy bobby pin work. I wore it to my job & found that it was very comfortable and a unique way to keep all my hair out of my face. I hope you feel inspired to try a bolder lip & milkmaid braids!


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