Benefit’s They’re Real! Push Up Liner: Worth the Hype?

The highly anticipated Benefit liner came into my life, people, and the initial impression is mixed.

While the liner itself is insanely black and the rubber tip is unique, I found this product to be very difficult to work with initially, especially when the liner itself was clumping up due to how thick it is.  The formula was a bit drier than I was expecting which means you have to spend a little extra time working with it. Also, within a couple of hours there was transfer on my eyelids. This generally happens with gel liners but given how dry this formula is I was hoping for more.

On the other hand, the rubber tip is just bendy enough to allow you to create a wing. Hopefully with more practice I can get smoother lines & create smaller wings when that’s the intention. Additionally, I ended up exercising with this liner on & after sweating like a fool at Zumba the liner was still totally intact. The color payoff is also insane! It is a dense black which is very satisfying.

Removing the liner was a less arduous task than I anticipated given how difficult it was to remove from the back of my hand. I first soaked two otton pads as usual with Bioderma & held them over my eyes for about a minute and gently rubbed off what I could. I followed this up with my MAC Cleanse Off Oil to remove the rest of my makeup & leftover liner, and finally used a tiny bit more Bioderma on a Q-Tip and ran it over my mascara and lash line to remove whatever may not have budged through cleansing.

Watch below as I go from being fairly irritated to ok to pretty good.

Top: Transfer after 8 hours of wear; Bottom: Smiling with a product that I’m still not sure I’m super in love with

benefit FI transfer
After a full day of wear

benefit FI

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