The Scariest C Word of Them All – Contour!

Lately I have been getting quite a few requests for contouring so VOILA! Here is how I contour! I do my best to explain why it’s important & what it does, and show you guys how to actually do it.

contour 1 contour 2

Contouring adds dimension back into your face after applying foundation. The purpose of foundation is to create a blank canvas and even out your skin tone which leaves skin looking flat and lifeless. That’s where your cheek products come in! Contouring allows you to add the natural shadows back onto your face using a cream or powder. I think that part is personal preference – do whatever you prefer! As far as choosing a shade goes, pick something that mimics what the shadows of your face look like naturally. Many people use bronzer, which is alright so long as they aren’t too red toned; You want something on the cooler side.

I am no expert in this but these are the tips and information I have learned through many hours of watching others & reading up on it. Hopefully you leave this blog feeling inspired to do this on your own face!

Please leave me a comment or question down below if you need anything to be clarified!


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