Drink Your Greens! An Inside Out Approach to Beauty

You get back what you put in and skin is the number one example of that sentiment. I find that no matter how many products I slap on on face, be it masks, toners or moisturizers, nothing makes a bigger difference that what I am putting in my body. Greasy, heavy foods and not drinking enough water make a HUGE difference in my skin – I can see it on my face the day after late night Wendy’s that I did in fact have late night Wendy’s!

When you’re eating well + guzzling water like a fish, your skin (and tummy for that mater) will thank you. One of my most favorite ways to be good to my body is with a morning smoothie. Even if the rest of my day ends up going to hell in a hand basket at least I know I did something good for myself first thing in the morning.

IMG_9673 IMG_9674

Along with my usual morning iced latte, generally comprised of either almond or coconut milk + espresso, I have been drinking this incredible smoothie. I got the recipe from the amazing Linda Wagner. Banana, frozen pineapple and peach, spinach and mint are an absolutely magical combination.  I was initially quite skeptical of the mint but it really rounds out all the flavors of the smoothie and makes it feel like I am consuming something substantial for breakfast. I highly recommend this morning beverage! If you end up trying it, please let me know what you think. Happy Blending!

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