Mid-Week Pampering

This has been a particularly trying week. If you aren’t aware, my family lost one of our own + on top of that I have caught a cold. One that is lingering, showing no signs of slowing down + is clogging my nasal passages with a vengeance. So I decided that tonight I was going to do something that was slightly indulgent and very relaxing.

IMG_9838 IMG_9840 IMG_9842

I settled into a warm bubble bath using my absolute favorite line of skincare items, and that is the Lavender Vanilla Aromatherapy range from Bath and Body Works. It’s meant for nighttime and most nights before sleep I am slathering this lotion all over my body. The scent is incredible, calming, soothing. The bubble bath is luxurious, the shower oil lathers like a dream and the body cream is insanely moisturizing. While resting my bones in the bath I also slapped a mask on my face + a deep conditioner in my hair. I’ve talked about this Body Shop mask before but the quick + dirty is that is is moisturizing for my dry skin + gently exfoliates using oats. I used this L’Oreal hair mask by putting it through the parts of my hair that would end up in a ponytail, braiding it + wrapping it into a braid. I avoid the roots of my head because it would turn me into an absolute oil slick.

Sometimes in the bath I watch YouTube but recently I’ve gotten back into the habit of reading (drop everything you’re doing and read Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl..you’ll thank me later) so I delved into Gone Girl. It’s quite popular at the moment + I love a good thriller, and so far it’s been keeping my attention. I flew through half the book today!

What do you guys do to relax and unwind during the week?

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