Feeling Grateful

Christmas. Hangover. Am I right? No, I am not talking about your classic “I had one too many bevvies last night” situation, I’m talking about the most wonderful family, gifts + tasty food overload that leaves you feeling satisfied yet exhausted the next day. My Christmas was incredible, yet again. I was totally spoiled with the most thoughtful gifts + lots of quality family time. I can’t forget to mention our insanely delicious dinner…the annual Christmas Beef Wellington which came out particularly delectable this year. It has been a particularly challenging couple of months which made me appreciate yesterday that much more. I hope your holidays have been as lovely as mine! Below are a few snapshots from my day, taken with my stunning new Canon Powershot 🙂

Good music, Good coffee
Gorgeous clouds + a high tide in the marshes
Gorgeous clouds + a high tide in the marshes


A little blurry but this guy… ❤
Beef Wellington, Roasted Potatoes, Winter Salad + Chianti. YUM!

Moving forward, I am excited to annouce that I will be coming out with a collaboration video with a subscriber who is absolutely lovely. Keep your eyes peeled for something sparkly + New Years Eve appropriate very soon! Get everything that glitters out, cause why the heck not.

Let’s have a bit of a chat – tell me in the comments what your favorite gift to give was, and what you’ll always remember about Christmas 2014.

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