Why I Don’t Have New Content This Week…

Major blogger fail this week, people. Sometimes life just doesn’t allow things to happen. I had every intention of vlogging the weekend, filming my Birthday makeup  as well as an additional video for Wednesday. But it just didn’t happen. I have random bits from the weekend where I basically just apologize for not pulling my camera out that often and that’s just not good content. I started filming my Birthday makeup but I was running late + my friends arrived + I couldn’t continue filming with them there. I know, I know. I really screwed it up.

On the bright side, though, my friend + I were thrown a surprise party by our insanely sweet + sneaky significant others + friends. We thought we were stopping by a friend’s place for drinks and apps; little did we know we would be walking into a room filled with people we love! I will end this blog post with some photos from the party, hoping they in part make up for my epic blogger fail. Oh, and because this is a beauty blog, after all, you should know that I wore Makeup Geeks’ pigment in Birthday Wish on my lids the night of the party 🙂

We have the best friends!
How cute is this cake though
Us Birthday kids + our sweets
Typical best friend silliness
The best hostess + amazing friend
G+T sippin’
One of my nearest + dearest for almost ten years
My beauty!
Birthday boy + boyf.

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