Rambling Update

Ready for some stream of consciousness ramblings? Ok, let’s get into it people.

Lately I have not been feeling inspired to create content. I have no idea why. I think in life we all go through funks and I might be in one right now, creatively speaking. I’m sorry I haven’t been particularly present here, and I hope that inspiration finds it’s way back to me very soon. I love creating content + sharing makeup ideas, however, I feel like I need to present myself as less of an instructor and more of just a sharer. Is that a word? You know what I mean. I’m not qualified to teach anyone about this stuff, I’m just a girl who is very excited about beauty + wants to chat with others and share that excitement! I want it to feel like I am just sitting down with a friend, putting my makeup on for the day/night/whatever.

I hope this all makes sense. I have been questioning whether or not I even want to continue this because I feel so badly about not having posted over the last couple of weeks. It gets tough with a full -time job, an insane commute, spending time with human beings + alone time. Not to make excuses, but that’s the reality I’m workin’ with here. I may not stick to the themes I previously said I would, and I cannot guarantee a particular number of uploads a week. I think I let this feel like more of an obligation and less of the fun hobby that it started off as. I just have to remain true to myself and the reasons I made the leap into Beauty Blogging + YouTubing.

Leave a comment letting me know how you find inspiration in funks like the one I’m in! I’d love to hear from you guys and have a conversation in the comments.

Thanks for listening 🙂 xoxo

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