What’s Inside the May Play Box by Sephora!

I love this subscription box so much that I canceled my Ipsy bag. You know this is a big deal if you’ve ever tried to get those suckers cause they’re a little exclusive – there’s a waiting list….and I had to wait to get mine. Pretty silly if you ask me but I guess that generates interest? ANYWAYS. I love these little guys cause I usually super love something for as long as the sample exists and then I’m ready for something new. Sephora sends emails with information about each box ahead of time but I never read them because I love the element of surprise and excitement.

These boxes come with a booklet, or in this month’s box a poster, that tells you a little bit about each product. It also includes a card that lists each product in the event you want to get it in store, and gives you extra VIB points when you check out. Here is what came in my May box. If you guys like this video, I will do them each month when the box comes! I can tell you a few things right now after about a week of having these guys in my life – the Bite beauty lipstick is unreal…it goes on so easily, smells amazing DAT COLOR! The hair mask made my hair feel like brand new hairs, the Korres sleeping mask stuff is like slapping a bunch of beautiful roses on your face and that perfume is effing perfect.

IMG_0877 IMG_0879

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