Best of 2016

I want to start by thanking every single one of you for reading my posts, watching my videos & leaving sweet comments. It means so much to have people enjoy  and connect to what is my greatest passion & hobby, outside of my 9-5. I can’t wait to enter into a new year full of fresh new ideas and brand new content! I hope you all have the best holiday season of hugging the people you love, putting away a few of your favorite beverages & dousing yourself in a fair amount of glitter.

Here’s a roundup of some of my personal favorites from 2016 – let me know what you want to see in 2017!

A+ song, bf cameo & GLITTER!

This combination of colors still gets me psyched.

Potentially the most fun I’ve ever had with a makeup look – like a unicorn barfed on my face and I loved it!

I used a color outside my usual go-tos, paired it with glitter & couldn’t believe how cool it looked. Trying new things is neat!

My boyf knows his way around a makeup collection but it’s hilarious hearing him try to explain it, and being so shocked by how much it takes to look decent!

Easily the most festive look I’ve ever created, inspired by a stunning, talented woman!

Love you all! xx

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