Tarte Rainforest of the Sea First Impression + Demo + Thoughts

It has been about a week since I filmed my first impression on this foundation which you can watch riiiiiight here! For more thoughts, read below the video.

Everything about this foundation sounds right – hydrating, dewy, great coverage. But I have SUCH mixed reviews on this foundation! While I love the way the foundation sat on my cheeks, I found that it quickly wore off my nose especially and chin. I’ve tried a few different primers but none of them seem to make the foundation adhere to my nostrils (does anyone have a tip for this problem?!). Benefit’s Porefessional has been working ok with this foundation but I still haven’t found the holy grail combination!

I also found that I don’t like either a brush or sponge to apply this product – I actually prefer using my fingers! I never use my fingers to apply foundation but I was getting desperate and I really want to love this foundation so I tried it and I loved the result! Because it is a thinner, lower coverage product it is ideal for applying this way, much like a BB Cream.


  • Perfect color match
  • Thin formula that easily builds
  • Lasts well on the places it does stay
  • Looks natural on the skin


  • Dropper is not easy to use and doesn’t dispense product consistently
  • You need a lot of product! Both my sponge and brush sucked up a considerable amount of product
  • Without proper setting it easily comes off

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