My Top Skincare Tips + Recent Product Favs!

1. Drink Water! I know, I know, you’ve heard it before but I am saying it again. Not only is water crucial to keep your body functioning, you can also see it in your skin when you haven’t been drinking enough. Not tea, not juice, not sports drinks, just good old water. This may sound completely superficial but get a water container that you think is cute + functional + you’ll probably be more likely to carry it with you + refill throughout the day. I find that I like larger containers + I like straws. I’ll do me, you do you, just remember to sip all day!

2. Use a New Cloth Every Night When Removing Your Makeup + Cleansing; ALWAYS Remove Makeup Before Bed. You DO NOT want to use a dirty cloth that has germs, bacteria, sweat + makeup on it to clean your face…what sense does that make?! I bought a pack of simple, white face cloths from Target for around $5 and they last me throughout the week. A great, easy + inexpensive tip. I crammed two tips into one line here, the second of which being, always always ALWAYS remove makeup before bed! You don’t want to sleep with stuff clogging up your pores + possibly creating spots, cysts, and other gross things. If you just can’t commit to the full on evening routine, at least give your face a swipe with a makeup remover wipe. Not the most effective method but it’s better than nothing!

3. Wash Your Makeup Brushes. Admittedly, I preach this constantly with the people in my life on a regular basis. I’ve even been known to go back to a friend’s apartment after a long night of imbibing + washing all her brushes. It’s something I am insanely passionate about + make sure to do every Sunday evening. It’s a ritual that I genuinely enjoy…not only the process of washing them + laying them out to dry but also knowing that I am getting rid of all the gunk that has been building up + I’ve been swirling on my face. I have a video here if you’d like a tutorial on it!

4. Drink Less Alcohol + Stay Away From Greasy Foods. This one is the killer for me. I love drinking + I love Wendy’s after a night of drinking. It’s not good for my body or my skin so I try to limit these activities. This may make me sound like a total lush but I like to drink wine with dinner + enjoy a beer after a long day, which usually adds up to many weeknights of consuming alcohol. It’s easy to slip into the habit (especially after the winter we had this year in New England) but it’s just as easy to pass it up + go for lemon water + save it for Friday night.

5. Moisturize. This is another tip that I am constantly sharing with people. It’s crucial to use an SPF every single day no matter how many clouds are in the sky – those rays still come through! Protecting your skin from sun damage is a total no brainer. After cleansing it is also important to put moisture back into your skin. This goes for all skin types. You have oily skin? You still need to moisturize. Your skin will produce extra oils to make up for what it loses during cleansing + I know that no one wants that!

Want to listen to me go on and on about these tips + learn about some products I’ve been loving? You’re in luck:

Current Skin Care Favs: